Mari Swanson_Bartlett Blinds

Mari Bartlett Swanson started Bartlett Blinds in 1998 and has since, one window at a time, been covering windows. After graduating from the University of Arizona in 1990, Mari spent a number of years in the health care business. However, from a young age, she was decorating her own room, dollhouses, or simply rearranging furniture. The idea to focus solely on window coverings came after watching the success of her mother’s window covering business in Anchorage, and she decided to replicate a similar business in Seattle. Since her first order in 1998, Mari has never looked back!  

The task of attempting to cover windows without the help of a professional can be daunting and difficult. Mari passionately helps people create a beautiful environment in their homes. The possibilities surrounding window coverings is endless, and each home and window is unique. Mari finds joy in some of the trickiest windows, and treats each window as an opportunity to create a beautiful and comfortable living environment.